Barricade 9,500 lb. Winch with Wireless Control (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)


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Remote Control. Barricade Off-Road takes the essentials of off road recovery to a new level with the Wireless Control 9,500 Pound Winch. This winch provides additional safety measures by allowing you to stand back away from your Gladiator during the recovery process. It comes with a built-in solenoid switch to select the wireless control or use of a wired control if the situation calls for it.

Pulling Capacity. This winch provides reliable pulling power for when you and your Jeep find yourselves stuck. Its 5.5hp, 12-volt motor with a gear ratio of 195.4:1 can recover your Jeep from the deepest mud or biggest rock jam.

Winch & Line Specs. This Barricade Off-Road Winch comes with everything needed to get started, straight out of the box. The 94 feet of 21/64-inch steel winch cable is made to last you years and resist the elements you put it through. Matched with the 2-way automatic, in-the-drum braking system you know you can always rely on this winch to hold your rig.

Accessories. This winch comes with a 21/64-inch steel winch cable, hook, wireless remote control, a remote control on a 12-foot lead, and a 4-way aluminum roller fairlead.

Application. This winch requires a battery with a minimum of 650 cold cranking amps to operate properly. Installs with a standard mounting footprint of 10 by 4.5 inches on all 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT models.

Line Pull Speeds

  • 0 lbs. – 35.4 ft./min
  • 2000 lbs. – 14.8 ft./min
  • 4000 lbs. – 11.2 ft./min
  • 6000 lbs. – 9.5 ft./min
  • 8000 lbs. – 7.87 ft./min
  • 9500 lbs. – 6.43 ft./min

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Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required




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