Barricade 9,500 lb. Winch (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)

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Pulling Power. If you take your GMC Sierra off-road, you know the importance of being prepared for any situation. It is for this reason you should outfit your Sierra with a reliable recovery system like Barricade Off-Road’s 9500 lb Heavy Duty Winch. This Barricade Winch will provide you with the pulling power you need to get yourself or others freed from the deepest mud or biggest rock jam.

Heavy Duty 9500 LB Winch. This Barricade Off-Road Winch is driven by a powerful 5.5 HP series-wound 12-volt electric motor and features a rugged 3-stage planetary gear box with a 195.4:1 gear ratio to provide 9500 lbs of pulling power. Matched with a sliding ring gear clutch and a two-way automatic, in-the-drum braking system, you know you can always rely on this winch to hold your rig.

Additional Features. This Barricade Off-Road 9500 lb Winch features a 4-way aluminum roller fairlead that helps reduce wear and tear on the 94 feet of 21/64″ steel cable, as well as keeping it from binding. This Barricade Winch also includes a wired remote control with a 12 foot lead, allowing you to safely stand clear when in operation.

Simple, Bolt-on Installation. Barricade engineered their winches to be a direct bolt-on upgrade that can be installed in under an hour using just basic hand tools. With overall dimensions of 21.1″ × 6.3″ × 8.6″ and a mounting bolt pattern of 254mm X 114.3mm, there should be no drilling required for most applications. All necessary mounting hardware is included, making this an easy straight forward installation.

Application. This Barricade Off-Road 9500lb Winch is designed for use on all 1999-2024 GMC Sierra 1500 models. A battery with a minimum of 650cca (cold cranking amps) is required for operation.

Line Pull Speeds

  • 0 lbs. – 35.4 ft./min
  • 2000 lbs. – 14.8 ft./min
  • 4000 lbs. – 11.2 ft./min
  • 6000 lbs. – 9.5 ft./min
  • 8000 lbs. – 7.87 ft./min
  • 9500 lbs. – 6.43 ft./min

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Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required



250 reviews for Barricade 9,500 lb. Winch (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)

  1. Jake B (verified owner)

    This winch works great! I get into tuff spots and I can rely on this winch to pull me out of it. Really great winch to buy.

  2. Scott J (verified owner)

    Researched Winches in depth. Overall, Barricade ranked higher than Warn, I wanted dependable pulling power. Installed easily. A bit more detailed information in regards to wiring would’ve been great. Looks great, works great!

  3. Justin S (verified owner)

    I’ve had it on less then a month and already made my money back/ looks great also

  4. Lawrence A (verified owner)

    I didnt have to break the bank, in order to get a quality winch that can do the job! I always seem to 2nd guess, and maybe should of got a bumper and winch that sits down inside it, but I like the fact that it’s not a big bulky winch that blocks all of my grill area. It wasnt too heavy. No need for two people for this job.
    My only knock was the (4) bolts for the winch (will not) secure up from the bottom if using the supplied washers. It seems that the bolts were not long enough with washer, but without them and just using the lock rings, they connect to the nut and tighten down. It was a good pick up as in a self aid item I hope I never have to use. I recommend it.

  5. Austin S (verified owner)

    I have owned a couple of winches in the past and I dare you to compare this to other brands. This winch looks great and works great. Plenty of fulling power and the install was a breeze on my Warn front bumper. Don’t let the price fool you. This is an awesome product. I also have the barricade rear bumper as well. All of their stuff is great. I highly recommend giving this a shot!

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