Barricade Heavy Duty 150PSI Air Compressor


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Ideal for Off-Road. The Barricade Heavy Duty 150PSI Dual Air Compressor makes a great off-roading companion to keep in your truck. Its power and portability allows you to quickly air-down or air-up 35-inch tires and larger, 50% faster than other compressors. The compressor is capable of producing a maximum of 250 LPM.

Simple To Use. Simply connect the supplied alligator clamp connectors of your battery to power the compressor’s 12V, oil-less direct drive motor. No need to worry about damaging the motor. It’s equipped with a 120 amp inline fuse and an auto-thermal shut-off switch to prevent overheating. The compressor is kept in a stable position thanks to its anti-vibration rubber feet. This Compressor can be permanently mounted and hard-wired if so desired.

Convenient. Everything about Barricade Heavy Duty 150PSI Dual Air Compressor says convenience, including an integrated 150 psi easy-to-read pressure gauge, easy twist screw-on brass inflator top, reusable air filter, quick release 26-foot air hose, and 1.8 meter power cord. A storage carry bag is also included.

Application. The Barricade Heavy Duty 150PSI Dual Air Compressor features a universal design and can be used with all makes and model of vehicles.

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