Barricade 9,500 lb. Winch with Synthetic Rope and Wireless Control (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)

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Safe Recovery from a Distance. Add safety and security when recovering your from tough spots with the Barricade 9,500 lb. Winch with Synthetic Rope and Wireless Control. You can stand back and take control from a distance using a wireless remote during recovery for your 1999-2023 GMC Sierra 1500.

Winch Specs. The Barricade Off-Road 9500lb Winch is driven by a powerful 5.5 HP series-wound 12-volt electric motor and features a rugged 3-stage planetary gear box with a 195.4:1 gear ratio to provide 9500lbs of pulling power to get you out of the messiest situations. Matched with the two-way automatic, in-the-drum braking system you know you can always rely on this winch to hold your rig.

Accessories. This winch comes with a 94 foot bright orange synthetic rope, a hook, wireless remote control, a remote control on a 12 foot lead, a winch cover and a 4-way aluminum hawse fairlead.

Application. This winch requires a battery with a minimum of 650 cold cranking amps to operate properly. Installs with a standard mounting footprint of 10 by 4.5 inches on all 1999-2023 GMC Sierra 1500s. Please note: To prevent damages to the synthetic rope from sun and weather this winch requires using the included cover when not in use.

Line Pull Speeds
0 lbs. – 35.4 ft./min
2000 lbs. – 14.8 ft./min
4000 lbs. – 11.2 ft./min
6000 lbs. – 9.5 ft./min
8000 lbs. – 7.87 ft./min
9500 lbs. – 6.43 ft./min

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Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required



37 reviews for Barricade 9,500 lb. Winch with Synthetic Rope and Wireless Control (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)

  1. Shaun B (verified owner)

    Haven’t had to use this winch yet (hopefully never need to) bought it just in case. But it looks great! Install was easy, only complaint is the power cables could be a little longer, but they do reach the battery, not the way I was hoping to route them, but the reach.

  2. Bradley B (verified owner)

    I received my winch about a month ago. The item was easy to install and looked great. About a week after I had it, I decided to go through a mud/swampy hole. Before I went in, I took my winch cover off thinking I would most likely need to use my winch so I wanted to be prepared. I put my Jeep in 4 wheel drive and ended up getting through the hole no problem. The winch ended up covered in mud from going down into the mud hole. After I got home, I unwound the winch and cleaned it all and let it sit out to dry for a bit. Fast forward about a week later, the rope is starting to fray. Im extremely disappointed my $550 winch is fraying before I even used it. Maybe I just got the bad apple out of the bunch because other reviews seemed great, but personally I’m not pleased with my purchase.

  3. Todd B (verified owner)

    Best winch I ever had love great .I would recommend this product to anyone.

  4. Sam J (verified owner)

    Went on easily with two people. Looks great. I have problems with making it operate or the review would be all 5 stars. I had problems getting it electrically connected because the instructions were lacking that part. I think I got it connected correctly. If so, there is something causing my Jeep engine to die when the winch is engaged. A 660 cold starting amp battery is recommended and I only have the 600 original equipment battery. I will change the battery out and maybe this will make the winch operate as advertised..

  5. Rudolph D (verified owner)

    The install took about an hour. The wireless remote is nice, but does has a very slight lag from when you press a button to when the unit responds. I stress that this lag is very minor. Unit looks great. I did not get the roller fairlead as described. Instead it shipped with a regular one. Kinda disappointed on that part. I have reached out to support to see if they will correct that.

    All cables provided were just long enough to connect to my 2014 JKUR.

    Time will tell if this unit performs, but for now I am happy and would recommend to a friend.

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