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Improve Traction. Whether the trail conditions are dirt, mud, sand, or rock, proper tire inflation is crucial for traction. Barricade Off-Road Tire Deflators are an easy and safe way to deflate your Gladiator’s tires quickly for the trail conditions ahead.

Adjustable. Barricade Off-Road Tire Deflators are fully adjustable, so you can set them to any preset PSI you desire. Accurate to within 0.05psi. The deflators have a 0-30 PSI pressure range.

Quality Construction. Each Barricade Off-Road Tire Deflator features heavy-duty brass construction and is fitted with a rubber O-ring to ensure an airtight seal when the proper PSI is reached.

Application. This set of 4 Barricade Off-Road Tire Deflators is designed for use on all 2020-2024 Jeep Gladiator JT models equipped with standard valve stems (Schrader Valve).

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89 reviews for Barricade Tire Deflators

  1. William A (verified owner)

    Work great. No issues.
    Easy on/easy off.
    As far as tire inflators go, you couldn’t ask for much better.

  2. Trace W (verified owner)

    Easy to set if you follow the included instructions. I’ve had no problems at all and would recommend!

  3. Patrick M (verified owner)

    Tire Deflators worked perfect when airing down before driving on the beach and will save you a lot of time.

  4. shawn W (verified owner)

    These feel well made. I think they are brass but I’m not sure. I had one of the four deflators that didn’t seem to work as good as the other three. But, it was cold the day I tested them. Don’t leave these on your tires and drive around. Once your tires are deflated, remove them and reinstall the caps.

    After you figure out how to calibrate these for the tire pressure you want, these are a quick way to deflate your tires. The first thing you have to do is deflate a tire to whatever tire pressure you want to run, for example 15 lbs. Then, you attach each deflator to that tire and turn the screw adjustment until you start to hear air leaving the tire. Back it off just a bit to stop the air and they are calibrated. From then on, all you have to do is screw the deflators onto your valve and walk off, letting them do their thing.

  5. Jacob O (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to use. Although they are a little challenging to figure out.

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