Barricade Roof Rack Basket; Textured Black (87-06 Jeep Wrangler YJ & TJ)

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Extra Space on Top. You can always use extra cargo space on your Jeep Wrangler TJ or YJ, especially when you go on vacation, or for an off-road adventure. You don’t want to sacrifice interior room, so the Barricade Roof Rack Basket in Textured Black is the perfect choice. It’s reliable, installs easily and will take some of the worry out of your travels.

Lightweight Construction. Manufactured from lightweight aluminum tubing, this Barricade Roof Rack Basket is completed in a textured black powder coat finish for aggressive good looks and long lasting corrosion resistance. This Basket measures 50″x70″L and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Installation. You may need the help of a friend for the installation since balancing the Basket can be tricky by yourself. You’ll need a Phillips screw driver and Allen Key set, but the installation should be simple.

Application. The Barricade Roof Rack Basket is designed to fit the 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ and YJ models with a Barricade Off-Road Roof Rack System installed.

Please Note. This Roof Rack Basket does not work in conjunction with TJ Unlimited LJ Rack: J100532.

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87-06 Jeep Wrangler YJ & TJ



24 reviews for Barricade Roof Rack Basket; Textured Black (87-06 Jeep Wrangler YJ & TJ)

  1. Kile B (verified owner)

    Easy to put together and on top. Does rattle though.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    I like this basket in theory: it’s light and has a cool design. But… the problem is that the screws don’t fit into the holes on the front and rear basket, causing me to make a run to the hardware store, searching for screws that fit. Also several of the holes don’t line up, so it’s not going to hold together without modification and some luck. I will try to make it work, but I won’t recommend it.

  3. Tom G (verified owner)

    The hardware isn’t great, and I wrapped a small piece of tape around each piece of tubing to tighten things up. Once it was together it is quite sturdy. I feel it need 6 clamps to attach to the rack not just 4 and would have liked the slats to have extended to the extreme ends as there is quite a bit of useless area with out support on each end, I plan to weld the whole thing together and extend those slats. That said this is perfectly servicable and looks great. I don’t even think it whistles very much, in fact I barely notice it. I would recommend it to my fellow Jeepers.

  4. Thomas G (verified owner)

    First off, the enclosed hardware is junk. Buy new stuff, the rack it self is sturdy enough for my needs but It will need modifying as the end of it are useless, they have no floor. The center slats should have extended to the ends of rack to make it useable. Because of this the actual area that you can load with gear is not as big as one might think. I also think you should get 6 clamps not 4 because there is nothing in the center of the basket to connect it to the rack. This basket was made to fit my rack. And my middle cross bar doesn’t even touch it. I will modify it for my needs. I also recommend using loctite when assembling and wraping a single layer of tape on the male ends of the joints to stiffen it up.

  5. Robert G (verified owner)

    All-in-all, I really like the Barricade rack and basket combination much better than the much more expensive Garvin one and other, less elegantly engineered brands. Oh, and speaking of elegant, the Barricade basket is much sportier looking with the downward dip of its front and rear bars than the other brands which look like something homemade that I might fabricate, if I could.

    Comparatively, the price was much better than rival ones, but of course, cheaper still is always better. Shipping was free, speedy, and hassle-free even though I ordered both items right in the middle of the Christmas season.

    I’ve wanted a roof rack/basket for years, but couldn’t decide on one. I chose the Barricade roof rack and the Barricade matching roof basket system because I hate drilling into my 2002 Wrangler Sahara TJ, and the Barricade rack gives a sturdy, rigid mount without any drilling. I am really pleased with this Barricade roof rack and basket system.

    I’ve had the Garvin Expedition rear bumper with all the accessories for years, so didn’t know how the Barricade roof rack would work with it. Turns out it was an easy install – only had to grind a little excess off the Garvin bumper/frame mount and rebolt it all together – easier than even the Barricade instructions suggested – didn’t have to remove anything but the two outermost bolts that mount the Garvin bumper to the Jeep frame.

    I thought this would be a trickier install and would require me to do more “MacGyvering” than I did. Only had to use ratcheting tie-down straps to pull the main front-to-rear sidebars together to align holes for cross-member bolts and knobs.

    I had to redo some steps when I installed the wrong uprights on the rear. I thought I had done it correctly based on the instructions, but eyeballed the angles incorrectly.

    I also used the wrong holes for the front and rear cross-members on the rack. I had to relocate the front one to the front-most hole and the rear one to the rear-most hole so that the Barricade rack cross-members would align correctly with the cross-members of the Barricade roof basket that clamp to the roof rack cross-members.

    I added some stiff rubber padding between the spacer brackets and u-clamps to take up any slack and prevent rattling, but never took the Jeep out before adding this rubber to see if this is even an issue.

    The cross-members of the basket do have room to move a little. If they cause rattling, I’ll find some nylon or hard rubber shims to tighten up the cross-members in the receiving holes on the side members of the basket.

    I was surprised how easy this system went together. I was prepared for a tedious, slow installation, and while I took my time with it, most of that was due to removing and reinstalling pieces that didn’t seem to fit right the first time – because I hadn’t done them right!

    As for the durability of the cross-member mounting knobs, I used a Torx bit to tighten the bolt while holding the knob stationary, rather than rotating the knob to tighten it on the Torx head bolt. For some reason, this seemed to put less stress on the knob.

    The only thing that would have made it better would have been removable labels that identified the right from left rear upright supports because of the angle issue, and some sharper photos and clearer wording in some of the instructions.

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