Barricade Rock Sliders (18-24 Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door)

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Protect Your Paint. Cruise down the trails protected and in style with the Barricade Rock Sliders. These rock sliders sit on top of your front wheels, keeping road chips and other debris from hitting your paint. It is constructed using heavy duty 2-inch tubular stainless steel, rust, and abrasion resistant to withstand pure punishment.

OEM Quality Piece. This unit is constructed in adherence to the highest manufacturing standards for long-lasting durability on the street or off-road.

Installation. There is an easy level of difficulty in installing this product, taking up to 2 hours to complete, depending on your level of mechanical skills. It is a direct bolt on-style installation so no drilling, cutting or welding is required.

Application. The Barricade Rock Sliders is compatible with the 2018-2024 Jeep Wrangler JL 2 Door.

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18-24 Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door



25 reviews for Barricade Rock Sliders (18-24 Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door)

  1. Mark L (verified owner)

    When looking for side steps/sliders, most were designed to attach to the pinch weld. These, however, bolt to the frame using the body mount bolts. This is far more solid of an attachment point from my view. While installing, I used a breaker bar to loosen the bolts (one side at a time, don’t do all 4 at once) and a Ryobi electric impact driver to do the rest of the work. I did this myself in about 40 minites total. Another person would have been helpful but I was able to find something that set the rails at the perfect height to install. So easy…. torqued to 80 ft/lbs and good to go!

  2. Jeff D (verified owner)

    Easy install. Watched the video and all needed info was outlined. Love the look and my wife loves the profile and enjoys having a step to assist getting in.

  3. Richard L (verified owner)

    Beefy step and rock rail that does NOT reduce breakover angle – better yet – the price is outstanding. Stupid simple to install. Couldn’t ask for more.

  4. RONAL B (verified owner)

    Let’s get straight to the point. These are seemingly very well made and solid. I say seemingly as they have not been “battle tested” by me. They fit right over the stock rails that came with my 2019 Rubicon JL and no, you do not need to remove those stock rails.

    If you do not have an impact driver, expect to spend a great deal of exertion extracting the factory bolts with a hand wrench. They are very long and they are difficult to ratchet all the way out. Once they are out about 1/4 of the way, it feels like the nut(?) they are fastened to is loose and wobbles around inside the frame of the Jeep. I have no idea what was going on in there, but I was quite worried I would never be able to reinsert the bolts without having to tear deeply into the mechanism to hold whatever the bolts screw into. I still have no idea what was going on in there, but the bolts went back in easily and securely.

    This installation will be done far easier if you have someone to help you, and/or a lift for the Jeep, as they are heavy and awkward to hold in position by yourself. Especially if you are 73-years old. That being said, neither of my sons could be bothered to help me so I effectively did the install by myself, on the floor of my garage. I used a couple of 5-gallon Homer buckets to rest one end of the rail on while I worked on the opposite end. In spite of my deep concern about why the bolts hung on so tightly during extraction for the entire length of the bolts (they are about 4” long), and whatever they screw into being so loose, the install went smoothly.

    BEWARE! I say “smoothly” with some tongue-in-cheek. Absolutely no where in the printed instructions OR the install video does it happen to mention there is a driver’s-side rail and a passenger’s-side rail. And, they are NOT interchangeable. I was almost finished with the driver’s side install (with the passenger side slider) when I discovered the rail would not fit and had to begin all over. I double checked the instructions and the video. This is not mentioned. The video does casually mention, in passing, that there are angular cuts on the forward side of the rail they are installing, but that is it. Extremely easy to miss what they are saying, or pick up on that fact. BARRICADE! ARE YOU LISTENING?? Either emphatically mention this in the instructions and/or put a sticker on each rail indicating what side they are for. Save your customers some aggravation.

    Aesthetics ~ If you are worried primarily about how macho your Jeep will look, then this is not the best look when installed with the stock Rubi Rails. The finish on the stock rails and your new sliders are quite different and pretty noticeable. Also, the stock rails fill in enough space on the sliders that they diminish quite a bit their effectiveness as a step. On the other hand if you are primarily interested in armor for your Jeep, these will do the trick. I am happy with what I have and would recommend these to anyone interested. If looks is your only concern and you have a Rubicon, you may wish to consider removing those stock sliders.

  5. Laura L (verified owner)

    Love the look of these. The Jeep bolts are super hard to loosen. Only 8 spacers given with product. Needed at least 8 spacers for one side to not rub the rock rails. Instructions did not tell which rail went on which side and which direction but found some help on You Tube and just some time figuring it out. Otherwise, great product, looks and fits nice.

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