Barricade Replacement Synthetic Rope for Barricade 9,500 lb. Winch Only


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Winch Ready. Specifically designed for use with Barricade’s 9,500lb. winch, this Rope will act as a replacement for your old worn out or faded rope. Bright orange in color, this Synthetic Rope is a direct replacement for your original rope that may have been damaged from the elements or wear and tear on the trail. Play it safe and replace our old rope before hitting the trail.

Durable Construction. This Dyneema SK75 synthetic rope is 94 feet long and features a breaking load of 15,800lbs to ensure reliable recovery off road. Its completed in a Polyurethane Resin for superior chemical, oil and abrasion resistance for enhanced performance.

Application. This Barricade Replacement Synthetic Rope is specifically designed to replace the original rope found on Barricade’s 9,500lb Winch.

Please Note. Synthetic ropes tend to degrade in the sunlight and need to be covered when not in use. Failure to properly care for your synthetic rope may create dangerous or hazardous situations.

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