Barricade Rattler Running Boards; Black (19-23 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab)

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Enhance Your Ride. If you’re tired of awkwardly jumping into the cab of your 2019-2023 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, make sure to check out Barricade’s Black Rattler Steel Running Boards.

Customized Boost. Offering a convenient and stable, 6.50-inch stepping surface, these boards give both you and your passengers the secure and steady step you need to easily access your truck’s cab at any time, in any weather. The ideal boards also guard your rig’s sides from the damage caused by debris and obstacles as well as add a powerful accent to your truck’s naturally aggressive appearance.

Stamped Steel. The Rattler Steel Running Boards are constructed from 14-gauge, stamped carbon steel, which means they provide unbeatable durability in the face of serious challenges and demanding conditions. The reliable boards also come with 1-piece end caps to reduce air resistance and keep your truck at the front of the pack, regardless of the adventure.

Powerful Powdercoat Finish. The boards are also finished with a powerful, black powdercoat that simultaneously protects against rust and corrosion damage, as well as provides a rugged, industrial appearance.

Installation. Basic mechanical skills are required when installing these running boards. However, the installation can be completed in just 2 hours thanks to the boards’ bolt-on design.

Application. Barricade’s Black Rattler Steel Running Boards are built to fit 2019-2023 Silverado 1500 Crew Cabs. They do not fit Silverado 1500 Legacy models.

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19-23 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab



59 reviews for Barricade Rattler Running Boards; Black (19-23 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab)

  1. William Y (verified owner)

    Personal thoughts; these should be 1/2 the price for what a they are. I like the look and the design but the price is high for the quality and materials.

  2. Kenneth L (verified owner)

    Very sturdy because Chevy put mounting holes for running boards. Mounting the brackets were easy but get the actual running board on itself takes some time. Better to have someone help you. The bolts fit in a channel in four spots and trying to lay them down without them moving takes some time. Otherwise they got perfect. You have room to move them the way you’d like and protect your doors from someone hitting your door because they stick out.

  3. Jeremy T (verified owner)

    I absolutely love mine. They look sharp, and are very strong. They didn’t take long to install at all maybe an hour by myself.

  4. Mario O (verified owner)

    I did it myself in about 1 1/5 hours. Took my time did not feel like rushing. I say almost easy because an extra pair of hands would have been nice. Or a little kid as my runner, as in I forgot my socket can you get it for me. Otherwise maybe about 2-3 inches longer, but that is at the bottom of any type of concern. Overall very pleased with the purchase.

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