Barricade HD Modular Front Bumper with Skid Plate (13-18 RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel)


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Aggressive Styling. With aggressive styling that surpasses the look of the boring stock bumper, this Barricade HD Modular Front Bumper will give your RAM a rugged off-road appearance. Designed to easily replace your factory bumper, this heavy duty Front Bumper with lower skid plate is ideal for both street and trail applications.

Daytime Running Lights. This Barricade HD Modular Front Bumper also includes Daytime Running Lights (DRL). These LED DRL lights come with a wiring harness that simply splices into your RAM’s existing factory headlight harness. The LEDs will then automatically activate in conjunction with your running lights. These eye-catching LEDs not only look great, but will also make your RAM more visible to other drivers at night and in poor weather conditions.

High Quality Construction. Manufactured from heavy duty 5/32 inch steel plating for superior strength, this Barricade Front Bumper is cold formed into shape. After trimming and final finishing Barricade then completes their Bumper in a two stage finish using epoxy pre-coating and high-grade textured black powder coating for durability and long lasting corrosion resistance.

Direct Bolt-On Installation. Barricade engineered their HD Modular Front Bumper to be a direct bolt-on replacement for your original stock bumper reusing the factory hardware and mounting points. There is no cutting or modifications required for a clean straight forward installation. Installation can be completed in about two hours with just basic hand tools and the help of a friend.

Application. This Barricade HD Modular Front Bumper with Skid Plate and LED DRL is designed to fit 2013-2018 RAM 1500 models, excluding Rebel.

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13-18 RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel




  1. Jake W (verified owner)

    There’s some pros and cons to this bumper

    Pros : looks good, easy installation, has skid plate and bull bar installation options, pretty heavy duty for the price.

    Cons: There’s a lot of play in this bumper and doesn’t fit perfectly. Make sure to not over tighten anything because you will need lots of room to adjust. I thought I had it good the first time but since it doesn’t have any support on the ends near the fenders they will flap in the wind while going a decent amount of speed. Make sure bumper is very even on both sides to avoid contact with fenders while driving.

    Need to knows: you will have to trim your fender liners for this bumper. Have a jack with 2×4 or a friend handy for install.

  2. Andrew B (verified owner)

    Easy to install , looks great, led’s are bright ! Instruction are very detailed anyone with a little mechanical knowledge even beginner can install this bumper

  3. Brad L (verified owner)

    Ok so fit and finish for 660.00 was impressive. It looks nice is not too heavy, I would not go pushing trees over with it like I did my old jeeps but that was a heavy hand made bumper with thicker steel. That being said I got the skid plate with this purchase and I believe it is a must. Also that fit well. Tho bolts shipped for the skid plate to the trucks frame. Well something was wrong there thread pitch or whatever I am not sure but I got them to go in with my half inch drive impact. Probably never coming out. I used this bumper and skid plate extensively over this past weekend in the deep snow. This thing was a champ. I would have taken damage with the stock plastic bumper not to mention I would not have made it through so much snow it would have plowed the snow rather than riding on top of it. The skid plate kept me from damaging the existing splash guard on the truck I would have destroyed that had I not gotten the skid plate. As far as installation time. It is not a fair assessment for the product. I had to take a plow frame off that did not want to come off, snapped bolts and bolts that I could not get to the nuts with etc. That added 4 hours in itself I had to bend parts out of the way so I could get a socket on the bolt for the frame. The plow frame really held me up. Not to mention my 18mm deep well was too deep for the top bolts for the frame for removal. That required some scouring for tools around the unfamiliar shop adding even more time…. the video on YouTube installing a bumper very similar to this was just that similar not exact. Ohh and the corners where the lights are built in are hinged kinda and regardless of how tight those bolts are (which were different sizes top and bottom… make sure you have 16mm and 17mm open end and socket for the top and bottom bolt for those) those corners still move a tiny bit when you puch on them. But they do not bounce make noise or wiggle going down the road. I would say overall I was super pleased with this purchase. Not to mention the truck looks awesome now… install time was 7:30 pm to 1am

  4. Lawson P (verified owner)

    Easy to install. But when it come to installing the top corner pieces the gaps and Fitment there’s is no amount of adjustments you can make to make it all fit right. The only way you can make it fit right would either weld the top piece to the bumper or re drill the holes and line it up that way. But other than that the bumper is solid. Oh and you are going to have trim your wheel well liner a bit to keep it from rubbing on your tires as you drive.

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