Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper with 9,500 lb. Winch (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK)

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Off Road Ready. You may run into any number of hazards or issues when tackling tough terrain and will need protection and a way to get out of the ditch and back down the trail. Whether you’re just getting into the hobby or are looking to upgrade your Wrangler with a winch and extra protection, the Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper and Winch Combo Kit is the smart way to go. It includes the winch you’ll need to handle recovery, as well as the protection you’ll want when facing boulders, rocks and trees, all in one impressive package!

Reliable Protection. Designed superior front end protection, the Extreme HD Front Bumper boasts impressive durability with 3/16 inch plate steel. It comes equipped with tabs for mounting up to 4 auxiliary lights or 2 lights and an additional light bar. It’s unique design incorporates a reinforced hoop over for reliable protection for your winch and grille. The entire bumper is finished in a tough, dual stage black powder coat finish designed to prevent corrosion and rust for impressive protection and style.

Safe Recovery. The included 9500 lb. winch is driven by a 5.5 HP series-wound motor and is equipped with a 3 stage planetary gear box with a 195.4:1 gear ratio for impressive pulling performance. It comes equipped with a tough, 94 foot long Dyneema SK75 Synthetic Rope designed to handle your toughest recovery situations. It is completed in a Polyurethane resin to resist chemical, oil and abrasions for reliable function through the roughest days.

Easy Installation. This Combo Kit features a bolt on installation! Your new winch mounts easily to an integrated winch plate in the bumper. Once installed the entire bumper then installs directly to your JK and JL’s frame horns without drilling or modification. It comes with a hawse fairlead, all the necessary hardware, as well as wiring components to make upgrading your Jeep simple and easy.

Application. The Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper & Synthetic Winch Combo is designed for installation on 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK models including Rubicons.

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07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK



10 reviews for Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper with 9,500 lb. Winch (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK)

  1. Zeb A (verified owner)

    I am overall pretty pleased with this winch and bumper combo, but have not yet used the winch. The steel used in the bumper doesn’t feel too thin, and the whole thing is very solid. Both the bumper and winch look good and I like how the winch is set down in the bumper a ways for a cleaner look.

    Installation was not quite as smooth as I expected, primarily because the pre-drilled holes on the winch plate of the bumper were set around 1/16″ wider than the bolt holes on the base of the winch. This made it impossible to line the winch up on the plate. My solution was to drill the holes out slightly larger on the bumper, bringing them closer together and in to line.

    Also, while this bumper is designed to use your factory foglights, they are placed much further apart. My factory wiring needed an additional 12″ of wire spliced in for each light to bridge the gap.

    Additionally, the support for the winch plate has minimal cutouts on the back for accessing the bolt heads, which must be threaded up into the bottom of the winch. The instructions call for mounting the bumper and then the winch, but after considering it carefully, I felt that accessing the front bolts would be needlessly difficult once mounted on the Jeep.

    I mounted the winch on the bumper, and then put the whole thing on the Jeep. As a unit, they are quite hefty and I benefitted from a helper to heave this thing up and into place.

    Overall, it looks great, feels durable, and came with everything I needed, including the D-rings and roller fairing, for what felt like a reasonable price.

    Installation wasn’t quite as simple as advertised, considering that I needed to drill out the existing holes on the bumper to make two parts from the same brand and sold as a combo, fit together. But even so, drilling holes and splicing wire are tasks at which most people confident enough to give it a shot should be able to succeed.

    If this bumper catches your eye and the price feels right, I recommend it!

  2. Diana P (verified owner)

    After adjusting a couple of bolts that were welded slightly askew, it bolted right on. Put a nut on the bolt and tap, tap, taparoo… lightly with a hammer. Pro tips: The directions are not very detailed, and are separate for the bumper and winch. Lengthen the fog light wires while the bumper is off. Use some heat shrink splicing tube to keep it weatherproof, then tape the length of the splice for protection. Also consider mounting the winch to the bumper while its off, just remember to put the wire on the bottom of the winch. Not much room for your hands in all the little openings, consider finding a small handed assistant. Snaking the wires to the battery isn’t bad with a coat hanger, just make sure they don’t lay on your exhaust, zip ties work great.

  3. Jeff T (verified owner)

    Install was straight forward, definitely install the winch first. But both work great!

  4. Bruce D (verified owner)

    Looks good after installation. Instructions very basic. Youtube videos give better instructions. Had to open holes on bumper mounts to get bolts to slide through to fit. Had to open holes on winch plate as well. Barricade winch didnt fit on a barricade bumper. Stepped drill bit did the trick. Two person job to mount the bumper and once bolts through, easy to fasten. Fog light wires had to be extended to reach new light location. Just missed vacuum pump so didn’t have to move it.

  5. Ryan D (verified owner)

    Both products are quality products, and they were easy to install. That said, the youtube video from CPO make the installation quite a bit easier. The instructions that came with the bumper and winch are fairly brief, and not very thorough. So far, both have been great and I am hopeful that the bumper does not “rust out”. If it doesn’t, I will be very pleased.

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