Barricade 3.50-Inch Bull Bar with Skid Plate and 20-Inch LED Light Bar; Textured Black (19-23 RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel & TRX)


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Battle of the Bull. For superior front-end strength on the most vicious of off roads, look no further than the heavy-duty Barricade 3.50 Oval Bull Bar with Skid Plate & 20 inch LED Light Bar in textured black. This unit combines a 3-inch tubular bull bar with a lower skid plate to deflect debris with ease, complemented by a single, 20-inch LED light bar to light up the darkest of trails.

Textured Black. This oval bull bar comes in a rugged, textured black color. It looks equally good on darker and lighter RAM 1500s.

Installation. Installation time takes up to 2 hours depending on your level of mechanical skills with a medium level of difficulty. Some light cutting and electrical work is required.

Application. The textured black Barricade 3.50 Oval Bull Bar with Skid Plate & 20 inch LED Light Bar is compatible with the 2019-2023 Dodge RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel. Does not fit RAM 1500 Classic models.

Technical Note. The Bull Bar may interfere with the function of the front parking sensors, if equipped. The Bull Bar will also require you to relocate your Front License Plate, if equipped.

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19-23 RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel & TRX




  1. Craig S (verified owner)

    Item looks great on the truck. Just like some others said the air dam was the worst part. But once that was out of the way it was extremely straight forward. Due to the lack of instructions on the light, I located a video on YouTube where this item was installed on a Tundra, so I used that as reference just for the light

  2. Frank (verified owner)

    Pretty straightforward when it comes to installing. The air dam removal
    Is the most annoying thing just cause some of the spaces in there for a hand can be tight. The light bar is great, can light up the entire road by itself.

  3. Anthony G (verified owner)

    It was a pretty easy install and looks great. The light is freaking bright! The only complicated was taking off the air dam. The bull bar itself was easy to install. I highly suggest a breaker bar for the two body bolts, would’ve been so much easier! 3 busted knuckles plus some curse words got them loose.

  4. Ryan O (verified owner)

    The install is pretty straight forward. The instructions are worthless tho. Tells you to remove bottom airdam. How? Spent 30 mins figuring this out. Words and text on instructions are confusing and pictures are more helpful, but small. The most tedious part of the whole thing is cutting the airdam to fit around the mounts. Cut, measure, doesn’t fit, cut more, measure again, doesn’t fit…….. This part took twice as long as installing the actual bar because you don’t want to cut off too much. It would be nice to have a paper with a template on where exactly to cut, which would have been done in minutes, not hours. Also, for those states where a front plate is required, just remove the factory mount and install the plate with washer spacers in the top bumper holes to the bottom plate holes with a bolt and nut. No extra mount is required. Overall, looks nice.

  5. Rida J (verified owner)

    I really like the style and look of this bull bar, highly recommend to anyone looking.

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