Barricade 12,000 lb. Winch with Synthetic Rope (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)


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Be Prepared. Whether you are a novice or serious off-roader you should take a page out of the Scouts hand book and “be prepared” for what the trail might throw at you, that’s why your Bronco should be outfitted with a reliable recovery system like Barricade Off-Roads 12000lb heavy duty winch.

Heavy Duty Winch. The Barricade Off-Road 12000lb Winch is driven by a powerful 6.6 HP series-wound 12-volt electric motor and features a rugged 3-stage planetary gear box with a 187.2:1 gear ratio to provide 12000lbs of pulling power to get you out of the messiest situations.

Additional Features. Barricade Off-Roads 12000lb Winch features a sliding ring gear clutch, a two-way automatic in-the-drum braking action, a 2.5 x 8.8 inch drum, a hawse fairlead, and includes a 94-foot bright orange synthetic rope.

Application. This Barricade Off-Road 12000lb Winch is designed for use on all 2021-2023 Bronco.

Technical Note. A battery with a minimum of 650cca (cold cranking amps) is required for operation.

Please Note. To prevent damages to the synthetic rope from sun and weather this winch requires a cover when not in use. Winch cover not included – sold separately.

Line Pull Speeds

  • 0 lbs. – 33.3 ft./min
  • 4000 lbs. – 16.8 ft./min
  • 6000 lbs. – 12.8 ft./min
  • 8000 lbs. – 10.1 ft./min
  • 10000 lbs. – 8.8 ft./min
  • 12000 lbs. – 7.6 ft./min

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Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required




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